Introduction to spirituality

General information on Man and the Earth

Tadeusz Owsianko: tadekzboze2@gmail / Andrzej Kaleta:

The Ethics of Wisdom and Awareness

Tadeusz Owsianko – a meeting related to spiritual knowledge, ethics and awareness of changes which take place in the universe.

The Beginning Again

Tadeusz Owsianko in the conversation about the universe and the changes taking place in the universe, as well as about the awareness, spirit, development of man and of civilisation.

Knowledge about the Knowledge

Tadeusz Owsianko and “two voices…” – does a spiritual person need spiritual knowledge?


Three universes, three stages of one universe. The changes do not occur on their own, they are created. Matrix, a stage of our childhood. We are not Gods but Him, the Father. Embryonic connection. Energy deficit in the Matrix: the root of the Evil. How to eliminate the Matrix and clean afterwards. The Role of the Earth in the Universe. The Earth as the epicentre, hard drive with the Universe stored on it. Man is a divine being in human form separated from the nature. Collective and individual karma evens the score and purifies the Earth, the Universe and the man.

Issues from letters from the viewers.

The Father did not fall into pieces but created the pieces himself. Man is not a part but the whole of the Father. Laws are created in an artificial way, always in somebody’s interest. Principles are an internal compass showing the right way. The names are old and religious yet the understanding is new and correct. Everyone is a part of the project: “Existence of the Universe”. God is not a field of awareness but a person. Humanity – brotherhood of awareness, living matter.

The Origin of the Universe

The need for contact with the students as a flow of energy between them. Big Bang, big bullshit. A bit more about energies. Vortex: black hole and its twelve streaks. Wisniewski-Snerg space-time. Triple Trinity. Where is this bow? Twelve strokes, eruption not explosive but eruptive – discharging.

Why does man live?

The message of Rosalie – A woman, symbol of the matter, breaks free from old elements of being: group states, divisions and residues from Matrix. Being is female energy, “+” is the Matter, “-” is the Antimatter. To fulfil existence, answer the question: why do we live? The reason for our existence, spiritual development a pass to the new. Six faces of the Purpose Cube. More about energies and living creatures. Intention, the foundation of Evil. Do not do to others because you do it to yourself.

Birth of the substance of the Universe.

I start from what I heard from Him. There is Existence and there is Non-existence. There is Me and there is You. Man is the whole of the Father, nature in Being is a sign of Its particles. Circulation of energies in Being. Rims and their importance in creating live parts – organs. Creating the entire array of energies. The essence of sound. Creating the energy particles. They become individual beings. The Vortex occurs as a new creative being. The real size of the circumstellar habitable zone of the Universe and the particles of its energy.

The Universe emerges from the Eternity.

A question is the beginning of the progress in cognition. The Three – the beginning of the beginning before the Being emerges. Its continuous existence in the form of live impacts on all the aspects of Being, both material and spiritual. It is an eternal Spirit which knows everything, I simply need to learn it. The Purpose Cube as the first zone of Being.

A bit of polytechnic of the Universe.

Flexibility of the three principles. The truth, deceptive beauty of the richness of its content. The importance of what is being created. Mistakes must be understood and corrected. The constructional Three: Time, Space and Gravity. The structural Three: Electricity, Magnetism and Electromagnetism. Importance: we create it ourselves. A bit about the Time and the electromagnetic three.

Where does God come from?

“The Eternity created me…”. Every element of the Universe is a life being. The physicists have only one answer to this question. We are multidimensional beings and we may have contact with every level of the Universe. We live in the third and this time eternal version of the Universe. Everything lives and keeps changing. There is no such thing as one final knowledge.

Own will, freedom or slavery?

Free will – our early childhood. Bankruptcy of independence. To-do list for today: control your body and remain in the Being.

I am Him, the eternal traveller.

Spiritual ethics. The Being and Eternity. Three principles, three first beings. The Need and the Desire to Exist – two initial programmes. “Matrix”: where is it from and why?

We as the prototype of the Father

The proportions of the matter and energy in the Being. The essence of coexistence with the Father in the Being. This is my knowledge I give you.

Grasping and knowing the Eternity and the Being.

Every knowledge must be gained through experience. Everything that exists is somebody’s creation made for some reason. We are departing from the childhood, the free will. You need to reach knowledge yourself, it will not come to you. Three principle – three first beings. The balance of energy at the bottom of Evil.

More about the first creator – the Father

I am confident of my knowledge but for myself. “What do you need the Father for?” If we are to examine the universe, how and with what should we do it? Vortex and the beginning of the Matter.

We start creating the Universe.

Plan – a blank sheet of paper. Exemplary and non-exemplary events. Aim – individuality and exemplification. What is this whole fun for? Meeting the Father = meeting your own Mission and your Work.

It is not a new religion, it is knowledge.

Evil – the current reality on Earth. Types of spiritual impulses and contacts with the Father. Understanding, the area beyond the intellect. Setting the aim straight. Eternity. The new “Final Judgment”.

Knowledge about God, the being and us.

My methods of cognition. Budget of the Universe. Jamming the circulation of energy with bankruptcy of the old world. Universe – a living being.

Spiritual importance.

Spirituality of each of us. Spiritual economy. Spirituality as the compass of the Navigators after the Future.

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