Two voices of sanity about spirituality

Episode 12 – Christmas Time, Joyful Time

Christmas edition.

Episode 11 – We Are All Changing

How to keep pace with changes? Development, man, knowledge, experience, energy, the past, patriotism, politics, inspirations derived from ancient civilisations.

Episode 10 – Living Your Own Life

How to talk about spirituality, human development, awareness? Are the changes which are taking place in the world an opportunity for us? How to really live your own life?

Episode 9 – Understanding Yourself

Discussion about life cycles, lasting, understanding yourself.

Episode 8 – Supporting Others Means Supporting Yourself

About the support which we may give to others and about self-help, smile and enjoying life.

Episode 7 – How to Control Your Emotions?

How to control negative emotions? Practical exercises which will help in coping with emotional attack and with controlling own emotions. Emotions in the context of: dialogue, conversation, exchange of arguments.

Episode 6 – Emotions

What is the role of emotions in our life? Why are they often an obstacle to the dialogue? Is it possible to control them consciously?

Episode 5 – Changes

Changes in Poland, changes on Earth, changes in human awareness… or maybe only signs of what already took place in the spiritual world?

Episode 4 – Where Is Our Childlike Joy?

Do we lose our childlike joy when we grow up? Does our civilisation make it easier or harder for us to develop? Why do important values escape us somehow? What happens on the margins of our education?

Episode 3 – Red Herrings

In the reality which surrounds us there are many so-called red herrings. They often take our attention away from what is most important for us.

Episode 2 – Where does so much negativism in the surrounding world come from?

Where does so much negativism in the surrounding world come from?

Episode 1 – Living as Experiencing

Living as Experiencing (pilot episode).

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