FINANCIAL DEMOCRACY – Jacek Andrzej Rossakiewicz

Civilisation conditions of economics, parts 1 – 4

Showing the basic economic issue, namely the manner of money issuance in human civilisations around the world. Rebutting the conviction that the world is ruled by only one human civilisation and the myth that the so-called western civilisation is the best or even the only notable one. The basic criterion of evaluating the value of a civilisation: self-sufficient and parasitic civilisations. Western civilisation as a parasitic usurious civilisation.
Jacek Rossakiewicz in the conversation with Izabela Litwin: 3 parts. Text: [ link ].


The place of economics in the system of sciences, parts 1 – 3

New division of sciences in terms of the relation between the subject and the object of cognition. Economics as science concerning human activity, dealing with goals and values which man wants to pursue through management (meta-economics). Positive economics – it does not consist in treating economics as if it was a “natural science, free from value” – as the liberal school wants to see this – but as if it was a science based on precisely expressed and socially positive values and goals. Economics as the art of management.
Jacek Rossakiewicz in the conversation with Izabela Litwin: 3 parts. Text: [ link ].


Conversation with an invited guest: NEW THINGS – Social Movement named after John Paul II, parts 1 – 3

New Paradigm of Economy – Welfare of Man Money based on work and the potential of a human being. The world without usury and wars – filled with love. Repair programme for the Republic of Poland which consists in regaining the country for the citizens. Lesław Andrzej Wilk in the conversation with Jacek Rossakiewicz. Text: [ link ].


Thoughts on the global world of economy

Self-sufficient and parasitic civilisations – basic division which determines the way the humanity thinks and functions. A new global division of the humanity is created and it is based on the criteria of having money. Money as a tool of socially organized egoism and power: financial violence. Extremely polarised systems of values: cynicism and ruthlessness, against love and social harmony. A way out of this is an understanding between people of good will who are filled with the will to build financial and economic sovereignty.


About the economy of the contemporary world.

Conversation via the Internet about the current state of the economy, about the need to remove misunderstandings present in the “mainstream” economy and in academic education. The Navigators after the Future as education which removes the economic taboo and which leads towards socially positive solutions.



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