Health and a way of life

Life in a camper van – Navigators after the Future

What does everyday life of a person living in a camper van look like? What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a style of life? Is nomadic life possible in the 21st century? An interview with Witold Zbijewski who has been living in a house on wheels for many years. Fan page: Blog:

Ula Kamińska – image, style and personality

Why is it a luxury to be and not to have? Why is it worth appreciating yourself the way you are? Can dressing up be the same pleasure as eating, drinking or going to the theatre? An interview with Ula Kamińska – a stylist, graduate of fashion and design studies. Her job is to create image through appearance.

The world is sound

An interview with Dorota Pasalska from “Dobre Wibracje” foundation (sound, archaic instruments, intuitive singing, improvised music).

Food cooperative “GOOD”

Platforma Nowych Perspektyw [The Platform of New Perspectives]: the Warsaw food cooperative “GOOD” – an initiative taken by a cooperative and aiming at delivery of the highest quality food to the cooperative members. Andrzej Bazgier in the conversation with Nina Józefina Bąk and Katarzyna Maciąg.

Zielony Talerzyk [Green Plate]

We talk to Małgorzata Wołoszczuk – the initiator and co-founder of Zielony Talerzyk – about both the Zielony Talerzyk initiative and about Lublin as such, what would it be like if it was similar to Zielony Talerzyk, i.e. was a place which is friendly, healthy, focusing on tradition and ecology, rooted in and aiming at values and goals of the local community; in short: Lublin in green.

Effective micro-organisms in Dąbrówka

Introduction to the topic of effective micro-organisms using the words of Nicole – the promoter of the EM idea in Poland. Moreover, a few thoughts on the community of Dąbrówka near Lublin and the phenomenon of eco-villages in Poland.

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