Andrzej Bazgier

Seeker. Ever since he was a young boy he showed a willingness to teach, yet in the communist times he was able to realise it only as a scout; he restored the 264th Tribe of Warsaw Scouts’ Team in Stare Miasto in Warsaw. Then he pursued his calling at the University of Warsaw where he studied at the Institute of Social Prevention and Resocialization.

After the studies he worked in his first profession – a psychotherapist – until he left the country to travel around the world for several years. After he came back he worked at one of the oldest Polish matrimonial agencies “Czandra”, which operates until now, he managed the first Polish manufacturing company producing alternative postcards “Point of View”, and he worked as a travelling school photographer in “Studio Jan Liman”. Afterwards he implemented a number of artistic and cultural projects in cooperation with the late Professor Janusz Bogucki as part of the activities of his foundation “Aśram Anavim”.

He was an animator and production manager of a number of projects by Janusz and Nina Bogucki, as well as projects by a prominent Polish theatre set designer and performer, Jerzy Kalina. In 1996-1998 he was the music and programme director of “Radio Wawa” and afterwards he started organising events for the agency “2 Księżyce Agencja Artystyczna”.

Since 2000 he was involved in organising production and event activities in one of the advertising agencies in Warsaw. Since 2007 he has moved his activities to the Internet. In 2009 he organised the conference entitled “Year 2013 – Designing the New World” which, nomen omen, was in a way “completed” in 2013 with the conference he co-organised entitled “New Economy in Operation – Economic Education and Local Currencies”.

In 2010 he organised “A Box from a Farmer”: a door-to-door delivery of ecological food in Warsaw. In 2011 he organized the webinar “New Economy”. Since then he has been getting involved in the activities and projects of New Economy, such as “Polish Local Currency” or workshops for school-aged children entitled “Where Do Money Come From?” He supports the democratic schools movement and various forms of home schooling.

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