Krzysztof Lachowski

• Ph.D. Eng. in Economy.
• System Analytic of global processes and strategic forecasting as well as social and economic plans.
• He was involved in cooperative activities, such as working in 1977-1985 at the cooperative Dairy Institute where he was responsible for individual costs, prices of agricultural products, farmers’ income, including income parity, contracting and economy and organization of milk processing.
• Currently he is employed in the National Cooperative Council – the main cooperative self-government body as an expert on scientific, economic and strategic matters.
• President of the Cooperatives’ Association Management, Vice-President of the Polish Intelligence Club, co-founder and member of Folk Association for Science and Culture, co-organizer of the conceptual group of New Civic Economy which is an alternative to the Old Corporate Economy which currently prevails.
• Experience in state administration at the following positions: government advisor on economic policy and director of the Department of the Economy of the National Radio and Television Council.
• Experience in the economy: at financial institutions (surety fund, insurance company, pension fund, bank) at the following positions: vice-president, director and president’s advisor as well as the director of a trading company.
• Originator and founder of the Housing Cooperative “PLON” in Ursynów district of Warsaw.
• During the past dozen or so years he has been lecturing at third-level education institutions in Warsaw and in the Mazovia region on the following subjects: introduction to marketing, marketing strategies of financial institutions, management and planning of marketing, strategic management, financial and social insurance and economic history.
• Organizer and co-organizer of over 20 scientific conferences.
• Author and co-author of several socio-economic plans, including “Corrective economic plan” of March 1990 for a prominent political party, which was opposite to the “shock therapy” plan by George Soros, implemented in Poland since the beginning of 1990 by Professor J. Sachs, Deputy Prime Minister Leszek Balcerowicz and Prime Minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki and the co-author of “Report on the State of the Country and the Means of Repairing It” of June 2005 prepared as part of the seminar “For Better Poland” organized by the Polish Protest Committee and the Polish Industrial Lobby named after E. Kwiatkowski.
• For a dozen or so years he has been carrying out interdisciplinary and historical analyses of global processes and has been preparing forecasts of their directions and results for the coming years.
• He has also dealt with: periodic opinion polls and marketing research of the market, preparing business plans and strategic plans for companies; he was a journalist writing about social and economic matters as well as about changes in civilisation in Poland and in the world.
• His other interests include: political science, philosophy, religious studies, alternative sources of energy, new directions in science.
• He is the author of more than 150 publications, projects, expert studies and analyses.


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