Krzysztof Lewandowski

  • MSc in Environmental Engineering (Warsaw University of Technology); postgraduate studies in audit of energy performance of buildings, auditing expert (University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw); training in complementary currencies (Strohalm, Utrecht/Holland).
  • Work experience: Instalexport (international trade, specialist), Publishing House Pusty Obłok (philosophy, literature, director), Simplex Sp. z o.o. (computer system, Head of the Board), Render Communications Sp. z o.o. (animations, opening credits, advertising spots, Head of the Board), Render Vision Sp. z o.o. (film editing, Head of the Board), “Zielony Sztandar” (weekly, chief editor), ZPH Staltex S.A. (construction, Head of the Board), Polska The Times, Focus (translator).
  • Social activity: Solidarność (distribution of underground pamphlets among workers at industrial plants, purchase of printing equipment for the underground Publishing House “Przedświt”), participation in campaigns such as anti-atom, anti-GMO, Rospuda, Dzień Pokoju (Day of Peace), participation in conferences and seminars devoted to complementary currencies (Stockholm, Dessau, Bad Honef, Paris, Milan), lectures and seminars in economy.
  • Publications – articles and essays – are available at,


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