Szczęsny Zygmunt Górski

  • Holder of Ph.D. in natural sciences and Master degree in physics.
  • He studied physics, nuclear medicine and medical thermography.
  • For 39 years he worked as a university lecturer at the Poznan University of Medical Science.
  • For 46 years he was the head of the Radiological Lab at the University of Medical Science and then the Municipal Hospital named after Józef Struś in Poznan.
  • He received golden medal in medicine for the System for the Diagnostics of Kidneys RENOMIC II, at the International Exhibition of Inventions, Research and New Technologies BRUSSELS EUREKA 2000.
  • In his private life he is an enthusiast of the issues related to non-market economy and the financial system.
  • He is the author of over 120 publications on biophysics, physiology, economic and social sciences.
  • He translated books and articles on social topics and connected with macro-economic issues, in particular with the financial system.

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