Local initiatives

Club and café “Życie jest fajne”

Club and café ŻYCIE JEST FAJNE – also and mainly for autistic persons. The project is animated by people who are associated with the Ergo Sum foundation. Raising funds and supporting the project: https://wspieram.to/zyciejestfajne.

Windmill in Męćmierz

The story of the windmill in Męćmierz near Kazimierz Dolny told by its creator and owner, Ryszard Dziadosz.

Towarzystwo dla Natury i Człowieka [Association for Nature and Man]

Towarzystwo dla Natury i Człowieka from Lublin is one of the most active ecological organizations in Eastern Poland. It was founded in 1995.

The Park of Labyrinths

Beautiful, local initiative in Rąblów, a village near Lublin: the Park of Labyrinths A place for recreation, fun, education and…reflection. Ryszard Sobczuk tells us about the intentions of the unique project (there are barely three similar projects in Poland) which he co-founded and co-created – together with his family. In the area of 1.5 hectare there is a complex of plant labyrinths (thujas, roses, strawberries) which is becoming a place of fun an reflection and a place where you can see the beauty of the region in which the Park is located: the Puławy – Kazimierz Dolny – Nałęczów triangle. [ link to the website ]


Local initiative – Bees in the Big City. Kamil Baj, the founder of Pszczelarium.pl, talks about his experience in keeping beehives in Warsaw. He is not the only bee-keeper in Warsaw but he is one of the promoters of the action aimed at keeping beehives in cities. An interesting local initiative as part of a philosophy with a clearly positive vision of the world. And the honey – people say it is fantastic – is to be available at www.pszczelarium.pl

School on Startowa

Private Middle School “Startowa” – one of the schools belonging to the network of Bednarska schools in Warsaw. A school with elements of a democratic school seen from the inside and about the way of thinking of the teachers, pupils and parents which makes it possible are the topics of conversation with the headmistress Ewa Korulska. It will also include a few thoughts on a different type of education than the one in public schools in Poland.

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