A little over twenty years ago the world entered a new era, unnoticeably yet visibly for everyone. From the age of scarcity we went to the age of abundance: abundance of food and of all material goods, enough to meet the needs of the entire human race. This fundamental change has already occurred.

Unfortunately, changes in the structures erected on the foundation of the old reality (the reality of scarcity) have failed to keep pace. Only the greatest authorities and the most outstanding thinkers have noticed the dichotomy between the two eras and the systemic incoherence resulting from them. Old structures operating on a new foundation create chaos and crises, and also deepen inequalities between people and between nations. Since the old structures do not function properly on new foundation, it is necessary to erect a completely new structure on the new foundation of the age of abundance.

Therefore we are building the new – a new edifice on new foundations – calmly, without calling for revolution, we are moving from the old edifice to the new one. The old one cannot be repaired. This is why new architects and builders are needed – NAVIGATORS AFTER THE FUTURE.  They are needed here and now.

NAVIGATORS AFTER THE FUTURE are not only architects and builders; they are also our “fifth column”, working in the old.





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