Why can’t we repay the loans

Why is it not possible to repay the loans taken out? – on the basis of purchasing gap.

How do banks operate

The banks’ plan of action. What is the justification for charging interest by the banks?

How is a bank started?

The mechanism of creating a bank.

Manufacturing and consumer cooperatives

How do manufacturing and consumer cooperatives work and why are they so necessary in Poland?

Municipal (city) bank

The characteristics of a municipal (city) bank: the conditions of its creation, the owner.

The parity of gold

About money the value of which is based on gold. Is it true that money must be based on something stable?

Local money

The possibilities to implement local money in the Polish economy.

EU subsidies

What do EU subsidies involve? Why did socialism in Poland prove unsuccessful?

Private bankruptcy

Private bankruptcy in Poland, Europe and the USA.


The institution of bankruptcy.

Understanding loans

Fraudulent nature of loans.

Creation and destruction of loans 2

Redemption of loans.

Creation and destruction of loans 1

How do banks create money? How is a loan destroyed?

A commentary to the speech of M. Belka in the Sejm on 23 July 2014.

Banking law

Why is the situation of Poland in the area of banking law worse than the situation of other countries?

The current economic and financial system, part 2

Why is it impossible to repair the current system?

The current economic and financial system, part 1

Why is it impossible to repair the current system?

Does borrowing money damage the economy?

The impact of loan and credit on the economy.


When is a loan trap created? When do we talk about a spiral of debt?

Free movement of capital

Why does introduction of the principle of free movement of cash capital weaken weak economies while strengthening the strong ones?


Factoring – the principles of operation. The institution of national factor. Multilateral barter.

How to initiate the circle of abundance?

Where is money taken from in the circle of abundance? Monetization according to the economic parity.

New monetary awareness

The idea behind the stance: changes to the Act on the National Bank of Poland regarding printing additional money. The possibility to purchase treasury bonds on secondary markets by the National Bank of Poland.

The “tape-gate affair” – commentary 4

The “tape-gate affair” – commentary 3

The “tape-gate affair” – commentary 2

The “tape-gate affair” – commentary 1


Types of companies, their structure and operation.

Legal person – Limited liability company

The institution of a legal person – creation, operation and liability of a limited liability company.

Where do money come from?

Money in national economy.

Circle of abundance

The principles governing money circulation in the society.

Who is a legal person?

The role of a legal person in the life of global economy.


What is GDP? The policy of GDP increase. Purchasing gap. Redemption of debts.

Bank as an enterprise

Financial activity. The National Bank of Poland and banking law in Poland.

Basic economic terms – continuation

The definition of income and costs.

Basic economic terms in accounting

Depreciation explained.

VAT – continuation

Basic economic terms appearing in business activity.


VAT as a consumer tax. A critical analysis of the existing system of settlements.

Commodity nature of money

Speculation in currencies. Financial crisis versus economic crisis.

Public debt versus budget hole

Why doesn’t the National Bank of Poland use its own prerogatives?

Bonds as debt money

The mechanism of creating public debt.

Loans as lawful robbery

Is loan repayment necessary? Debt instruments: promissory note and cheque. Is it moral to make money on having money?

Loan versus credit

What is the difference between a credit and a loan? Who can lend money and who can give loans? The mechanism of giving loans.

Around the problems of Poland


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