NEW ECONOMIC THOUGHT – Stanisław Jan Adamczyk

Economy from the perspective of an independent entrepreneur

Observing the world through the prism of the conflict of interests from the perspective of an ex-broker, man who left “the lion’s den“.


 Loan in Swiss francs and what next?

We want to set a legal precedent and prove that the practices of the most aggressive banks operating on the Polish market are dishonest. Banks in their current form are super-intelligent machines to generate net profit while minimizing their own risk.


Financial Violence – lecture I

Capitalism is presented as the best system invented by people so far for organising the social and economic life. Is it really the case? Legal institutions which regulate financial relations according to the ideology of Anglo-Saxon capitalism (Poland) are the source of unjustified imbalance of bargaining power of the financial factor which leads to economic exploitation. In this part the author will introduce and shortly describe the problem of free movement of capital.


Financial Violence – lecture II

In this part the author will present the classification of the sources of violence and will present the effects of dismantling the economic power of a national state.


Financial Violence – lecture III


Claims arising from the loan agreement in CHF, parts 1, 2, 3 – 26 October 2014

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