Social Economy

Chatspot and City 2.0 neOS

Are the solutions used in popular internet tools and technologies, which are currently rather atomizing the society than integrating it, may help in integrating us in non-virtual reality?

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, i.e. a partnership between the EU and the USA concerning trade and investment.

Ambassadors of Social Entrepreneurship

Ola Smereczyńska-Ciechomska talks about the project “Ambassadors of Social Entrepreneurship”.

Tarabuk – a family business

Jakub Bułat, the creator, owner and animator of one of the most original club-coffee shop-bookshops in Powiśle district in Warsaw. He talks about how Tarabuk was created, about the visitors who have their share in forming it and about his vision of what is the point of such action

Network of Sensible Business

Network of Sensible Business – based on empathy and cooperation. It sounds so surprising nowadays that it is difficult not to become interested. The leader, co-founder and animator, Dawid Sokołowski, will be talking about the network itself, its goals and how it operates. The initiative of the Network also fits perfectly well into the latest trends of New Economy – the economy of co-sharing, cooperation and collaboration as opposed to the economy of competition which we are familiar with.

NGO and social economy

We talk to Piotr Kecik, who has been cooperating for many years with various entities operating in the area of NGOs, about the NGOs sector in Poland and how it blends with the social economy sector. A bird’s eye overview of business-related human activity with a social dimension.

Economy for the Common Good

Economy for the Common Good and the leader of this movement in Poland, Mira Machnicki, present a short introduction to the topic: “What is Economy for the Common Good and what are its perspectives in Poland and around the world?”

Posteconomy of Robots

Introduction to the latest book by Krzysztof Lewandowski

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