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The idea to start the University – A Platform of New Perspective was developed in a group of voluntary workers and supporters of We Are Change Foundation with the aim of implementing its educational mission. Education is understood as a generally available and gratuitous good, as sharing knowledge and experience while fully respecting the listener who is left with the choice of whether to accept or reject the obtained information.

Fossilized and corrupt university science does not keep pace with the dynamically changing reality. It rejects new ideas and new solutions. It does not understand the need for changes, actually the need to rebuild the entire system, not only the economic and financial system but also various forms of social life.

The new epoch, epoch of abundance of goods, requires a completely new view of reality. The principles developed in the era of shortage do not work anymore.

We do not have any examples or models. Everybody, both the lecturers and the students, start from scratch. In the new global order new leaders will emerge, they will be constructors and architects of the future, people who understand the pathologies of the current system, people who seek and are brave. They have this bravery which allows them to back out when they make a mistake, when it turns out that the road they have chosen leads to nowhere.

The University has the form of a Platform of New Perspectives. Therefore it will present various views on the economy, very widely understood ecology, health, education and awareness.

The aim of the University is to develop an interest in the covered topics in a student, and in consequence the wish to pursue self-education, i.e. to study the topic literature individually, to look for information and discuss it in groups of people who think in a similar way.

We would like to invite you to the University to live the biggest adventure of your life, an adventure which starts by rejecting the stereotypes, habits and patterns of thought and which ends with satisfaction of working for the good of others and for internal feeling that you live a fulfilled life.

• It is not necessary to register.
• Everyone, at any moment, may join the educational process.
• Participation consists in listening to video recordings in the form of lectures, interviews, conversations, discussions or presentations of particularly interesting information from the web.
• It is also possible to get involved in the subjects presented on the platform by preparing and co-organizing a project which corresponds to the subject matter of the University.
• The University has the form of a Platform of New Perspectives, i.e. it is a forum with comments from our guests, speakers and collaborators. In the suggested teaching process there are no dogmas or the only correct views. On the contrary, it offers a base for creative, independent and critical view of the reality. Our lecturers are not limited by any general programme of education. Everyone presents his/her own programme. Theses and opinions expressed by them do not always coincide but there is the same idea behind them: providing people, societies, nations and the entire humanity with economic and social security as well as the conditions to develop own potential.
• There are plans to organize regular meetings with selected lecturers in the future.
• The students are invited to join the discussion group on Facebook and to visit our channel on YouTube.

We do hope that our students will help us invite for cooperation the people whose knowledge and experience may enrich all of us.

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